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Welcome to, the server for distribution of open source code developed and maintained at Digicomp Academy AG, an IT education company located in Switzerland.

Feel free to download anything you want to, but don't forget to submit your improvements.

What is sawdog?

Sawdog is a script which informs the sysops of mission critical servers in the case of a failure, like a sort of watchdog. The script executes a given set of Expect scripts, and if one of the Expect scripts fails, it sends an email or an SMS, or executes a command. You can probe for more than just reachability because the Expect scripts can check if the responses on the ports are correct.

The diffenence to netsaint is sawdog's simplicity. You can use the netsaint plugins, they are fast but more complex and hard to adapt to your needs. You just have to change the return values to make them work.

You need more information?

There isn't a real online documentation yet. You can look out for the README file in the latest source tree, or consult the pdf/ps manual, which covers almost everything. I may switch to SGML in future.


Is there an example?

Yes. There is a running copy of sawdog. It is for testing and demonstration purpose. If you are interested in this script, do not copy the files from this directory. There are some tarballs of the latest stable release in the download directory.

The script and the small expect scripts are symlinks to the latest developing version.


What's going on?

You can see the progress of sawdog development by looking at the development code tree. Don't download this code unless you are really sure that you want to run a instable version. Of corse feel free to imropve the code!

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[DIR] sawdog.devel/

Download stable versions

The latest tarball is here:

  Older versions in the archive:
[DIR] download/

  If you just want to download a single file or have a look into the source, try this directories, the contain the lastest stable versions:
[DIR] sawdog-1.0/
[DIR] sawdog-2.0/
[DIR] sawdog-2.1/
[DIR] sawdog-2.2/
[DIR] sawdog-2.3/
[DIR] sawdog-2.4/

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